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Big chances for small companies.

Generating leads has never been so easy! The Bosch LegendsLab processes are all about structure and transparency. That’s one thing less for your company to worry about. So you can focus on scoring a major client.

Your advantages as


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Exciting projects by big names

Motivating jobs for a strong portfolio

Fair pay, no hidden costs

High level of appreciation for your work

Generate leads efficiently

Structured, transparent processes cut admin and advertizing costs

Direct contact via the platform

With clients and your LegendsLab contact person

Minimal legal risks

No problems with masked employee leasing etc.


project flow


  • Our team sends you relevant project project proposals

  • Of course you can also look around yourself

  • Your dashboard keeps you up-to-date on everything


  • Choose a project and send your application to the project manager

  • You always get a yes or no – this platform is ghosting-free


  • Onboarding support by our team

  • Direct communication with your clients on the platform

  • Continuous feedback

  • Handling and invoicing

  • Change requests and subsequent projects possible

User statements about

Bosch LegendsLab

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“From the very first talk on, I was amazed by the smooth communication with the Bosch LegendsLab team. It’s on eye-level and full of appreciation for the service provider. I was welcomed very warmly, making me feel part of the team immediately. The coworkers are highly qualified, allowing professional collaboration on the project.”


Fuxware vGmbH

Current Bosch LegendsLab projects – apply now!

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Animation Design

Stuttgart, Germany

100 % Remote

50 - 100 % workload

3 months

Adobe Creative Suites
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe illustrator

SPS Nexeed Development

Stuttgart, Germany

20 % Remote


at least 12 months

opcon control pls

AWS Cloud Architektur Architecture

Stuttgart, Germany

100 % Remote

80 - 100 % workload

9 months

Access Management
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Questions? The FAQ provides answers.

We put together an FAQ for any kind of question you may have. Find information on posting projects, selection and invoicing processes, contracts and much more.

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